Top 5 RapidTags Alternatives

RapidTags is a YouTube keyword tool that launched around Oct 2016. They had a freemium business model combining some free tools with paid ones. Unfortunately around April 2020, they started facing issues with the YouTube API quota limits and then removed the paid version. Since the free version of the tool is quite limited, users have been searching for alternatives.

What are the alternatives to RapidTags?

Below are the top 5 alternative YouTube keyword tools to replace RapidTags:

  1. Tag Generator
  2. Vid IQ
  3. Tube Buddy
  4. Keyword Keg
  5. Keyword Tool Dominator

To test between the different tools, we ran a search for "dog videos" in each of them. Details of each tool given below.

Tag Generator Screenshot

1. Tag Generator (our tool)

Pricing: Free

Search Volume: Yes (using Keyword Everywhere's API)

Tags Found: 367

How It Works: Uses YouTube's auto-complete API to find suggested search queries made by YouTube's two billion users. Uses Keywords Everywhere's API to get monthly search volume, CPC, competition & trend data.



2. Vid IQ

Pricing: Paid (keyword inspector only in Pro plan)

Search Volume: Yes

Tags Found: 159

How It Works: The Vid IQ Keyword Inspector displays related terms along with Search volume, competition and their overall score for the term.

Vid IQ Screenshot



Tube Buddy Screenshot

3. Tube Buddy

Pricing: Paid (keyword explorer available in Pro Plan)

Search Volume: No

Tags Found: 240

How It Works: TubeBuddy's Keyword Explorer finds long-tail search terms to help you better target what your audience is looking for.



4. Keyword Keg

Pricing: Paid (no free plans available)

Search Volume: Yes

Tags Found: 869

How It Works: Keyword Keg uses API from 11 different providers to find long-tail keywords for your video tags

Keyword Keg Screenshot



Keyword Tool Dominator Screenshot

5. Keyword Tool Dominator

Pricing: Freemium (2 free searches a day)

Search Volume: No

Tags Found: 365

How It Works: Keyword Tool Dominator's YouTube Keyword tool is a free keyword suggestion tool. It uses YouTube's Autocomplete service to find popular long tail keywords directly from YouTube.